Elegant Interior Book Layout and Formatting
on Par with Traditionally-Published Books…
FOR JUST $200!

Hi and welcome to , where manuscripts are transformed into beautiful books! Our specialty is book formatting and interior layout, and we’d love to help you get your book into professional condition. Publishing has become so easy in recent years that the biggest challenge for self-published authors is putting the effort and expertise into publishing books at the same level as the big traditional publishers. Traditional publishers have massive budgets and industry experts on the payroll with decades of high-level publishing experience, so it’s difficult to compete on a typical shoestring self-publisher’s budget.

But we are doing EVERYTHING in our power to help make that happen by providing highest-level book formatting for lowest-level prices.

Our work is at such a high standard for the rates we charge that we’ve literally NEVER had to offer a client a refund in our company’s history! Even with our full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Not one dissatisfied customer yet! And with our growing team of professional layout and formatting specialists we just keep getting better at what we do. Take a look at some of the work we have done so far. Simply click on the book covers and you’ll be able to scroll through a few pages of each…

Our Process is very simple

Once you have your manuscript and book cover finalized, we will take the book cover and start to magically weave the cover into your manuscript in creative ways…

  • We might grab an image or symbol from the cover and use it for your chapter headings.
  • We might take the font used in your title and use that for chapter titles or use it to make drop caps to start each new chapter.
  • We’ll re-create the cover in black and white as the cover page.
  • We’ll add a professional copyright page, dedication, table of contents for nonfiction, and more.
  • If you have images or illustrations for the inside of the book, provide those to us as well, and we’ll place them in there as needed.
  • We’ll add page numbers, other headings as needed, and continue a stylized, professional theme at publishing house standards from start to finish in all file formats.
  • AND MORE! From guided journals to children’s picture books, we can do it all!

What You'll Get

After we are done, we’ll send you the following items…

  1. A MOBI file formatted with reflowable text for use on Amazon Kindle.
  2. An ePub file formatted with reflowable text for use on other vendors, such as Lulu, the iBookstore, and others.
  3. A PDF file formatted for use as a paperback and/or hardcover.
And best of all, we offer FREE, unlimited revisions. Making changes to a lengthy manuscript in three different file formats is hard work, but our main concern is making sure you’ve got the perfect, professional book that you and your readers will love! Of course, we appreciate your efforts to get your manuscript fully edited and proofread and free of errors to minimize the need for these revisions. That also means we don’t mind making a few changes many months or even years later if you need to make amendments to your book.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Ready to Get Started?!

To make things simple, we offer a streamlined ordering process that doesn’t require complicated quotes. You can order what you need below at prices affordable for all.

Once again, you’ll receive unlimited FREE revisions on all orders, we’re happy to release your source files upon request if you’d like to edit them in the future yourself, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with your order for any reason we’ll refund your entire payment.

Choose from the four options below, complete your payment, and you’ll be redirected to a short and simple form to fill out with information we need to begin your project. We’ll have it done and back to you, usually in just 10-15 days!

Simple eBook Formatting

$ 100
  • Send us your fully edited and proofed manuscript, and we’ll format it into reflowable form for seamless use with any eReader on any platform, typically in 5-10 business days.
  • Perfect for professional publishing on Kindle, the iBookstore, Kobo, and others.


$ 150
  • Turn your baby into a paperback or hardcover for the major print-on-demand services such as Createspace, KDP, Ingramspark, and other popular platforms.
  • Send us your fully edited and finished manuscript, and we’ll style it up like the big publishing houses with elegant page numbers, chapter headings, a copyright page, a table of contents, and more stylistic touches in the dimensions of your choice (5X8, 5.5X8.5, 6X9, etc.). Turnaround time typically ranges from 10-15 business days depending on our current workload.

eBook and

$ 200
  • Save $50 off the individual prices of eBook and paperback formatting by bundling them together!
  • Send us a finished manuscript, and we’re off to the races. We’ll get it back to you in publish-ready condition in 15-20 business days.


$ 400
  • The full meal deal. This includes eBook and paperback formatting AND cover design by our partner, 100 Covers,. We'll take care of you inside and out!

*These prices are for black and white books up to 80,000 words in length with up to 30 images, graphs, tables, footnotes or endnotes. For custom quotes on a more complicated project, simply Contact Us.

** If you require a rush order please contact us for availability and a quote.

Additional Services

Beyond our basic services we offer several custom options and packages. To order any of these, please start by filling out our Contact Form and telling us more about your needs.

  • Full Color Formatting – For an additional fee we can do full color formatting for your interior.
  • Guided Journals – We do guided journals! If you’d like to create one with a creative and stylish interior we can ace it!
  • Children’s Picture Books – For standard 32-page children’s picture books, we can blast through those quickly and efficiently if you are providing all the illustrations. Be sure to contact us for a quote, as we can do these for less than our standard rates listed above.
  • Cookbooks – Cookbooks are a huge undertaking, but we’d love to create a full-color cookbook for you, using your own images or stock images or a combination of both. Contact us for a quote.
  • Comic Books – We can do comic books! We are just now adding this option for those of you looking to publish your own comic books. Contact us for a quote.
  • Illustration – Want illustrations in your book but don’t have any made? We have talented illustrators on the team who can do whatever you need. We offer some of the most competitive custom illustration rates in the entire industry. Contact us for a quote.
  • Graphs, Tables, and Charts – Wanting graphs, tables, charts, or other visuals in your book that you haven’t already created? We can do that too! Contact us for a quote.


MS Word is great. Please make sure your book is 100% finalized, edited, proofread and typo-free before you submit your manuscript

We will fix any issues with the book whether it’s a formatting error or a typo, even if the book was published months ago. We want our work to look professional and perfect just as you do yours!

* Please note, this does not include major changes such as trim size which result in significant changes to the design layout. While we are happy to make these changes they will incur an additional cost.

We take a slightly more modern approach and have the chapters starting on both verso and recto pages as appropriate. If you prefer it to start on the recto page only, please indicate this when submitting your manuscript.

Yes. We incorporate fonts and images from the cover into the interior design to give it a more polished look. This can’t be accomplished until your cover design has been finalized.

Once you have reviewed all the files please send us a detailed list of any required revisions including the locations of the changes. Please do not edit the files themselves or send us a new source file.

Most likely this is the result of having selected the wrong settings when uploading the file. In the Paperback Content tab under Print Options please make sure to select Bleed. 90% of the time this will resolve all of the “errors”.

Images must be a minimum of 300dpi. Please submit them as a separate file.

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