Frequently Asked Questions

01. Do I need to have the cover done before submitting the manuscript?

Yes. Wherever possible we incorporate fonts and images from your cover into the interior design to give it a more cohesive look. This can’t be accomplished until your cover design has been finalized.

02. Do you provide the ISBN?

No, it is your responsibility to get your ISBN. Some publishers such as KDP will assign you an ISBN or you may purchase your own.

03. My manuscript is longer than 80,000 words and/or has more than 20 images. How much will it cost?

Please CONTACT US directly for a quote.

04. What does the unlimited formatting revisions include?

We fully guarantee our work. If there are any errors related to the formatting or you are just not happy with the formatting, we will fix it or refund your money. All we ask is that you fully review the file and provide all the required changes to us in one list if at all possible.

05. What file format do I submit to you for formatting?

MS Word, RTF or Pages files are preferred. Please make sure your book is 100% finalized, edited, proofread and typo-free before you submit your manuscript.

06. What file types do you provide?

Depending on your formatting package, you will receive a PDF file for your print book and/or an ePub file for your eBook. Both files are compatible with Amazon KDP, IngramSpark and other publishing platforms. A MOBI file is also available upon request.

07. Do you provide the completed source files?

The Adobe InDesign source files are not included in our packages. You will always retain the rights to your work. However, the source files contain design elements which represent our intellectual property.

08. What size do my images need to be and how do I submit them?

Images must be a minimum of 300dpi resolution or better. Please submit the files to us separately via email.

09. I found some issues with the finished book. How do I get them fixed?

Once you have reviewed the entire file please send us a detailed list of any required revisions including the locations of the changes (page number and line number). Please do not edit the formatted file or send us a new source file.

10. What if I need to make content changes after the formatting has been completed?

We appreciate your efforts to get your manuscript to us fully edited, proofread and free of errors to minimize the need for revisions. But we get it, sometimes mistakes happen. That is why we also offer content revisions at a reasonable price. Whether it’s a typo, word change, missing/incorrect punctuation or other simple error, we’ll help you take care of it. The minimum charge for each round of content revision submissions is $10 USD which includes up to 5 changes. Each additional revision per submission is $2 USD each.

Please note, minor revisions do not include removing or replacing whole paragraphs and/or sections of the book or changes to the trim size. These would be considered a re-format as they result in significant changes to the design layout. While we are happy to make these changes for you they would incur additional charges. Please CONTACT US for a quote.

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